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Scaling Equipment Finance with Sales Cloud

Industry        Equipment Finance

Location       Greenwich, CT

Firm Size      < 50 Employees

Products      Sales Cloud

Services      QuickStart Plus (implementation)

Capteris is an independent equipment finance company backed by Apollo Global Management in association with Wheels Inc. and MidCap Financial. Providing flexible, custom equipment lease and loan solutions for the mid-market, large corporate, and financial sponsor segments across a wide range of industries and new/used asset types. Capteris is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience, certainty of execution, and best-in-class industry insights tailored toward achieving clients' financial goals and maximizing their equipment utilization.

You can learn more about Capteris here.

Company Profile: Capteris
Capteris' Challenge

Capteris' reliance on spreadsheets and manual data entry processes had become increasingly prone to errors, hindering their ability to track crucial information related to their Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. The repercussions of the outdated tracking systems were evident in several areas:

  • Inaccuracies in reporting were a hindrance to their decision making processes;

  • The lack of real-time updates meant that reporting often lagged behind current developments;

  • The absence of a centralized repository hindered collaboration among team members, particularly on open deals where timely communication and coordination are paramount for success.

Saasinct's Solution

Capteris sought a customizable platform that could adapt to their evolving business requirements as the company grows. The Saasinct team implemented a Quickstart Plus for Capteris that not only solved their immediate pain points, but also provided a solid foundation for sustainable growth. Saasinct solved Capteris’ primary pain points with the following solutions:

  • Optimally set up the Activity component on Accounts, Contact, and Opportunities so users can easily track recent developments and share with the team.

  • Created a seamless process for collecting Account, Contact, and Opportunity data to encourage users to accurately capture all data points when they input new information into the database. 

  • Created a series of Reports and Dashboards to show the current state of the Capteris pipeline and how the  team is progressing towards their current Retained, Syndicated, and Total targets for the year.

The Business Impact

​The Capteris team has widely accepted this new platform and is embracing their newfound efficiency in the Deal tracking process. The entire team now has transparency via a Home Page Dashboard into the company's current pipeline and how the company is progressing towards meeting their targets for the year.

For more information about how Saasinct can help your firm experience similar benefits, click here to contact us.

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