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Customer Success

Saasinct's focus is empowering mid-size organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure through implementation and consulting services.

Unifying Global Sales with Financial Services Cloud

Industry:    Financial Services (Security and Brokerage)

Location:    Boston

Firm Size:   200 - 500 Employees

Products:   Financial Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Lightning Sync for Outlook

Integrations Outlook, Intapp, proprietary Oracle-based ERP

Gordon Brothers is a global advisory, restructuring and investment firm founded in 1903. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the firm has more than 30 offices across five continents. Read more.

Empowering Customers with Knowledge and Community

Industry:    Health Care Fintech

Location:    New York

Firm Size:   1 - 200 Employees

Products:   Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Knowledge

Cedar Cares combines platform expertise from the worlds of healthcare, technology, and design to create a seamless financial experience that healthcare providers can deliver to their patients. Read more.

Streamlining Business Development and Capital Raising with Sales Cloud

Industry:    International Real Estate Investment Management

Location:    Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York

Firm Size:   1 - 200 Employees

Products:   Sales Cloud, Inbox

Aetos Capital Real Estate is an independent investment management firm specializing in real estate investment opportunities in Asia, Japan and greater China.  Read more.

Scaling Private Equity Operations with Sales Cloud

Industry:    Private Equity

Location:    New York, NY

Firm Size:   26 Employees

Products:   Financial Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Outlook Sync, MyTrailhead

Manhattan Venture Partners is a principal investor and advisory solution to private venture-backed companies. Since 2010 the partners at MVP have been integral in the institutionalization of the direct secondary market. Pioneers in the space, MVP has collectively engaged in more than $10B of primary and secondary venture investments. 
Read more.

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