Salesforce Lightning Experience can push your organization’s productivity and user adoption to new heights. With a dramatically improved user experience, better collaboration tools, enhanced reporting and dashboards, access to Einstein predictive analytics, and many other features designed to support every process, Salesforce Lightning Experience and it’s growing ecosystem of apps is the future of CRM. 

A transition to Lightning comes with many advantages, but it’s a significant change that requires careful planning and execution. We understand that a migration to Lightning Experience can be daunting for organizations with a mature Salesforce environment - especially if you don’t have the in-house expertise to make all the changes identified in your Lightning Readiness Report. Saasinct’s experienced team and proven approach will make your transition to Lightning Experience smooth and rewarding.

One of the best aspects of a migration to Lightning Experience is the opportunity to re-evaluate how well your Salesforce environment supports your business as it is today. Saasinct will:

  • Perform an evaluation of your existing architecture and technology to identify issues that might be impacting scalability or data quality (now or in the future);

  • Work with your organization to determine which customizations, apps and integrations could be refactored, replaced or upgraded to reduce system complexity and maintenance costs;

  • Educate your team on how to use and maintain the system, allowing you to realize the greatest return on your investment.

During your migration to Lighting Experience we'll leverage Saasinct’s industry best practices, developed over more than a decade of working with organizations just like yours to improve supportability, user adoption and efficiency.


Whether you need a partner to simply review your Lightning Readiness Report and provide guidance on implementation, or if you need help tackling a complex migration that includes process re-engineering, Apex / Visualforce updates and custom integrations, Saasinct can help. 

Migrating to Lightning Experience shouldn't be daunting. Give us a call for a free consultation - we'll help you run the Salesforce Lightning Readiness Report and will review it together to find the right migration strategy for your organization.

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Your org has a straightforward business process and is mostly "out-of-the-box." Your org may have some custom fields and objects, but no VisualForce or JavaScript.

$10,000 - $15,000 complete migration, 2 - 4 weeks


Your organization uses Salesforce to manage multiple business processes and is mostly “out-of-the-box,” with the exception of moderate VisualForce and/or JavaScript complexity. 

​Your migration to Lightning requires a customized approach that begins with discovery and analysis of your architecture, workflow and customizations and ends with a thoughtful roll-out and training plan designed to ensure the greatest productivity return on your investment.

$15,000 - $40,000 complete migration, 5 - 12 weeks


Salesforce lies at the center of your organization and drives workflow across multiple departments, business units, or locations. Your org has Apex, 3rd-party and API-based integrations, a complex security model, VisualForce pages with document generation or data processing functionality, 3rd-party UI frameworks and/or other sophisticated customizations.

​Your migration to Lightning requires discovery and a comprehensive plan that includes in-depth analysis of existing architecture, technology and processes, and may reflect the needs of different groups and stake-holders. The migration will require the refactoring of workflows, VisualForce pages and Apex. User roll-out may be staged, perhaps with a pilot test period, and a documented training program is required for both existing and future users.
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