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Scaling Private Equity
with Sales Cloud

Industry        Private Equity

Location       New York, NY

Firm Size      33 Employees

Products      Sales Cloud, Shield, Einstein Activity Capture

Integration   Pitchbook, Formstack, Wordpress, Yesware

Services      Implementation and Managed Services

Manhattan Venture Partners is a principal investor and advisory

solution to private venture-backed companies. Since 2010 the

partners at MVP have been integral in the institutionalization of the direct secondary market. Pioneers in the space, MVP has collectively engaged in more than $10B of primary and secondary venture investments. MVP manages all aspects of the transaction by facilitating communication with buyer, seller, counsel, and issuer, thus ensuring efficient, transparent, issuer-friendly, and US regulatory compliant transactions.

Company Profile: Manhattan Venture Partners
MVP's Challenge

MVP had outgrown their basic CRM and needed a more comprehensive solution to scale their business. The firm was managing their business using disconnected lists of leads, contacts, accounts, and investments, spread across multiple point solutions and spreadsheets. There was little integration of information, the point solutions were not used consistently, and this mix of different tools did not support MVP's internal processes or workflow.

Although SalesforceIQ tracked the lifecycle of investors similarly to other CRMs like DealCloud, Dynamo, Insightly and Zoho, the management and sales teams lacked a 360-degree view of investors, sales activities and touch points taking place across the firm. With data spread across multiple systems and information silos, different people would often contact the same investors and vital relationship information was being lost. This made MVP’s sales process inefficient and did not support a quality investor experience. The lack of a centralized repository of information resulted in data quality issues, often resulting in investors receiving incorrect information.

Saasinct's Solution

Saasinct leveraged existing Salesforce features to configure a solution tailored to MVP's sales team needs. We then enhanced their solution to support the MVP's operations and compliance team. Key aspects of project work completed by Saasinct included:

  • Before starting discovery we configured MVP's Salesforce org with Saasinct's UI Foundation and Data Quality Best Practices, developed through years of experience working with financial services firms. MVP appreciated that we immediately began consulting and improving their system – even before gathering requirements.

  • Saasinct scrubbed and migrated their original data from various sources to allow for a clean import of prospects, investors and activity history to Salesforce. We implemented data quality controls and configured Salesforce Inbox to associate emails and tasks in Gmail with entities in Salesforce.

  • Collaborated to understand and optimize MVP's complex investor relationships and investment structures. We then customized Salesforce to align with MVP's business processes for tracking prospects, investors, partners, foreign finders, referrals, related parties, and deals. Designed adaptive workflows and views tailored for global private equity operations, enabling MVP to efficiently manage fundraising, investor outreach, regulatory requirements, and cross-border complexities.

  • Provided a comprehensive workflow solution covering the entire investor lifecycle, from initial investor qualification, suitability checklists, automated disclosures, mass creation of investment opportunities to LPs, operations milestones, approvals on modified terms, to post-investment compliance. Tight integration between core systems delivered a streamlined user experience with a 360 degree view of the investor. 

  • Customized objects, fields and rules to model their unique processes, providing visibility and control across sales and operations. Automated repetitive tasks like lead list management, newsletter sends and data enrichment using Einstein Activity Capture to sync email as well as Pitchbook, freeing the team to focus on high-value activities. Leveraged custom objects and fields to track funds and entity relationships, and tailored page layouts and dashboards to enhance usability and increase adoption.

The Business Impact

Saasinct delivered a comprehensive solution that completely transformed MVP's sales and operations capabilities. As a result of the work, MVP's sales team experienced a significant boost in productivity as well as strengthened relationships and expedited deal management. 

  • Centralized, accurate data provides MVP's operations team end-to-end visibility into complex global investors and deals and increased productivity by removing bottlenecks of approvals, increasing accuracy of outgoing information, and expediting regulatory audits. 

  • Saasinct created a tailored user experience that drives adoption across both sales and operations which allowed MVP to scale efficiently.  Recorded training tutorials assisted with onboarding new team members quickly.  Saasinct also automated many repetitive tasks like lead capture, data syncs, campaign sends, and suitability processing. This frees up teams to concentrate their efforts on high-value work and building investor relationships.

  • With an integrated Salesforce platform, MVP completely transformed sales productivity, operational efficiency, and data accuracy globally. The Salesforce foundation configured by Saasinct provides scale, speed, and readiness for continued growth and success across all of MVP's business lines.


For more information about how Saasinct can help your firm experience similar benefits, click here to contact us.

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