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We empower companies to
tech savvy.

What we do

We help design and build tailored solutions using the power of Salesforce and cloud technology. 


Our goal is to build efficiencies in business processes while teaching clients to become self-sufficient on their platform.

How we're different

We're always focused on your long-term success. 


We help each client create a roadmap that balances budget, time frame, and personnel with steady progress towards a comprehensive platform.


Our clients

We specialize in Financial Services and nonprofits, but serve clients in a range of other industries as well.

Whether you are implementing Salesforce for the first time, enhancing an existing solution, or needing team augmentation, we can help.


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Saasinct's Salesforce Quick Start is the way for you to realize a fast return from your investment in Salesforce Sales Cloud and/or Experience Cloud.


Saasinct's Salesforce Accelerators offer a fast path delivered by Salesforce implementation experts to minimize the cost to maintain your Salesforce org, maximize your return on your Salesforce investment and ensure scalability for the future.

We’re passionate about the opportunities Salesforce and cloud applications offer to organizations regardless of size.

About Us

Saasinct’s goal as a woman-owned, East Coast based, Salesforce implementation partner is to empower financial services companies and nonprofits to become tech savvy. We provide our customers with a unique combination of consulting and education, illustrating all the technology stack can be with Salesforce at the center of it. We win when we earn the trust and ongoing partnership of our customers which we do by caring to always find a better way to collaborate with our clients and community.

We’re successful at solving extremely difficult business and technology pain points because we have deep industry expertise, and a highly experienced, nimble, and passionate team of consultants prepared to assess and address the real problems (technology or otherwise). We pride ourselves on developing deep relationships with our clients through both project and managed services capacity work, advising on the technology stack, priorities, and backlog, to address the short and long term picture of a client’s technological health. We establish standards and a Center of Excellence within companies, ensuring stakeholder and roadmap alignment, as well as long term adoption and sustainability.


About Us
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