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About Us


Saasinct isn’t your typical IT consulting firm; we create intelligently designed solutions to our client’s business and technical complexities. Using our process-driven approach and radical collaboration, we add value every step of the way by educating and enabling our clients to be better equipped to manage their IT infrastructure. We achieve true partnership by earning your trust.


Saasinct is a woman-owned business that embraces equality, diversity and inclusion, education, and access to career development.  Saasinct will grow to a scale that affords additional resources to clients, employees, our communities and the Salesforce ecosystem:

  • For our Clients: Our focus is empowering mid-size organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure;

  • For our Team: Creating an environment that fosters a family feeling where everyone is supported and valued, as well as provided with resources, mentorship, and opportunity to pursue continuing education and development over the course of a career;

  • For our Community: Give back to our communities through small business mentorship, pro-bono, and non-profit sector work;

  • For the Ecosystem: Providing access, education, and support for individuals to embrace careers in the Salesforce space. 



​We genuinely want to help solve your technical problems and make your life better.  Our team fosters a family feeling, and are professional, approachable, and empower you to succeed. 

Finding a Better Way

Our team is inherently curious about what's current in our field and we are eager to share it, helping our clients find a better way. We are organized, process-driven problem solvers who embrace a challenge and continuous education as part of the consulting process for us and our clients.



We take the time to learn from our clients through transparent communication, helping them succeed through our unique and creative approach. 

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