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Customizing Salesforce for Global Real Estate Investment

Industry     International Real Estate Investment Management

Location    Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York

Firm Size   1 - 200 Employees

Products   Sales Cloud, Inbox

Aetos Capital Real Estate, LP (ACRE) is an independent investment management firm specializing in real estate investment opportunities in Asia, Japan and Greater China. Their team has extensive experience in related fields including individual resource and equity purchases, privatization of listed real estate companies, acquisitions of distressed debt, and investments in development projects. After identifying attractive real estate transactions, ACRE then adds value through active asset management, partnering with the developers, investing capital to reposition assets, launching creative leasing efforts, optimizing asset performance and reducing expenses, and by restructuring and refocusing companies that derive value from real estate and related assets. You can learn more about Aetos Capital Real Estate here.

Company Profile: Aetos Capital Real Estate
Aetos' Challenge

Aetos has historically tracked its customers, partners and related activities using a combination of Outlook, Excel, and PreQin; the leadership of this growing global organization wanted to improve their efficiency and gain access to more timely and accurate information. Salesforce was viewed as a tool that could streamline their business development and capital raising activities. Management hoped that by bringing business processes, data, and users together in a single system they could seamlessly track customers, strategic partners, activities, and opportunities while ensuring that all new information could be captured through integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Saasinct's Solution

Saasinct leveraged many existing Salesforce features to quickly deliver a solution tailored to Aetos' business. This gave users an opportunity to familiarize themselves with Salesforce and start achieving new efficiencies, while Saasinct continued to work with stakeholders in planning the next set of roadmap enhancements to Aetos' platform. Key aspects of project work completed by Saasinct’s team in the first phase of the project included:

  • Configured Aetos' Salesforce org with our Best Practices, developed through years of experience working with financial services firms. We then designed the security model, created user profiles, and set up their users in Salesforce. 

  • Customized Salesforce to align with Aetos' business processes for tracking investors, partners, and deals. We then added custom objects and fields to track funds and entity relationships, and tailored page layouts to enhance usability and increase adoption. 

  • Scrubbed their original data, sourced from Outlook and Excel spreadsheets, to allow for a clean import of accounts, contacts, and activity history to Salesforce. We also implemented data quality controls, migrated their data, and configured Inbox to allow for association of emails and tasks in Outlook with records in Salesforce.

The Business Impact

As a result of the work done Aetos' team has experienced significant productivity improvements:

  • The team now has a centralized and secure platform where relationships and deals are easier to manage and data is more accurate and complete.

  • By removing unnecessary fields and features and tailoring Salesforce to Aetos' business processes, Saasinct was able to simplify the user interface, making it more intuitive and accessible.

  • Integration between Salesforce with Outlook using Salesforce Inbox has allowed users to collaborate more easily, see each others’ calendars, and manage their time more efficiently.

  • By centralizing all critical business data in a single platform, Aetos now has a 360-degree view of their clients, partners, activities, and business development pipeline. Their users now spend less time searching for critical information, and more time focused on building relationships and fund-raising activities.


For more information about how Saasinct can help your firm experience similar benefits, click here to contact us.

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