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Supporting Customers
with Community

Industry    Health Care Fintech

Location    New York

Firm Size   1 - 200 Employees

Products   Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Knowledge

Cedar was founded in 2016 to improve the financial results of medical service providers looking to improve the timeliness of patient payments. Cedar combined platform expertise from the worlds of healthcare, technology, and design to create a seamless financial experience that healthcare providers could deliver to their patients. Using intuitive product design and advanced data science, Cedar is one of the only platforms to facilitate patient-centric financial engagement across the care journey. From pre-visit registration to post-visit billing, Cedar aims to empower its customers to accelerate patient payments in a pro-active and timely manner.

Company Profile: Cedar
  • Cedar’s Learning Management System (LMS) and printed manuals were not meeting their customers’ needs. As a result, many unnecessary tickets were being created that required increasing levels of staff engagement as Cedar’s customer base grew. 

  • Cedar relied on email-to-case in their existing Salesforce Service Cloud environment. This made it difficult for customers to see real time updates or interact with Cedar on open cases.

  • Already using Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds, Cedar needed a self-service customer support tool that could integrate with their existing infrastructure, improve the customer’s support experience and reduce the workload on Cedar’s support team.

  • Having recently completed a major rebranding for their website, Cedar wanted their solution to provide a seamless, branded experience with an engaging look and feel, intuitive functionality, and easy navigation.

  • Saasinct extended Cedar’s Salesforce environment with a tailored Customer Community, including an integrated Knowledge base that contains all of Cedar’s help articles, release notes and educational material. Community 360 was configured to allow Cedar’s Support Team to see which Knowledge articles the client has read and access other information about how users interact with the Community.

  • Configured case creation and case management functionality within the Community for when clients feel that a support case is necessary. Relevant Knowledge articles are presented dynamically as the client types their issue, providing an additional opportunity for the user to find helpful information instead of creating a new support request. Users returning to the Community can find existing cases, add comments, attach files, and close cases.

  • Designed a Community that helps customers find relevant information more easily. Dashboards were designed to provide key insights on usage and user adoption, highlighting trends in keyword searches and case creation.

  • Provided a visual design for the Community that ensured the consistent use of brand standards across all of Cedar's channels.

  • Cedar’s new Customer Community helps their customers resolve many problems on their own, reducing the workload on Cedar’s support team. With 24x7 self-service support available online, Cedar’s customers can login to the Community and resolve many issues in real-time – reducing the number of support cases, shortening issue resolution time, and increasing overall customer satisfaction and engagement.

  • For Cedar’s customers, the Community provides secure access to a comprehensive Knowledge base, helping users find answers to their questions with intuitive, simple keyword searches. Customers can monitor and update open support tickets and create new cases when necessary.

  • For Cedar’s support team, informative dashboards and insights from Customer 360 provide valuable information on customer interactions with the Community, as well as articles the customer has read. These features help Cedar’s team save time, manage more customers, and improve the customer service experience.

  • Cedar’s Customer Community shares colors, fonts, logos, and images with Cedar’s customer-facing website. Custom email templates match brand guidelines and Knowledge categories are enhanced with custom images and text for each category. This helps users navigate more easily and provides a consistent and seamless experience. 


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