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Automating Commercial Equipment Financing

Industry     International Equipment Leasing and Finance

Location    New York

Firm Size   118 Employees

Products   Sales Cloud, Inbox, SuperTRUMP 

FGI is a global leader in the commercial finance and services industry, equipping small and medium enterprises with the tools they need to safely grow their business. FGI’s two principal business units, FGI Finance and FGI Risk, provide clients with flexible and customized lending and risk mitigation solutions designed to support international and domestic growth. Headquartered in New York City, FGI operates on 6 continents with clients in over 60 countries. FGI Equipment Finance is a subsidiary of FGI Finance focused on commercial equipment financing and leasing. FGI. You can learn more about FGI here.

Company Profile: FGI Equipment Finance
FGI's Challenge
  • FGI-E was a new business unit with an entirely new sales and deal process. Client and prospect information was disorganized and tracked using different tools. FGI needed to translate their workflows into a CRM solution that positioned them for the future. 

  • Efficient team collaboration is critical to FGI-E’s business, and their workflow consisted of complex approval processes that were difficult to manage without technology.

  • FGI-E’s users relied on SuperTRUMP, a financial modeling and pricing tool, to support their daily leasing and loan operations. As a stand-alone tool, FGI-E wanted to incorporate this tool into the sales flow.

  • FGI was a brand-new business unit with an entirely new sales workflow that they needed to translate into a CRM system for successful team collaboration.  Within this workflow, there are complex approvals that had to be worked into the sales process.

Saasinct's Solution
  • Saasinct first designed a scalable architecture, tailored to FGI’s global business needs. We then configured the system with Saasinct’s Industry Best Practices and simplified the user interface to support user adoption and efficiency.

  • We implemented the solution to maximize the value of Salesforce’s standard core objects, decrease the need to duplicate data entry points, and support FGI’s sales and deal lifecycle. Saasinct built an opportunity forecasting tool to support their business needs, and integrated Outlook to allow FGI to sync their contacts with Salesforce.

  • Saasinct built workflows to movie deals through the pipeline from origination through underwriting. Saasinct automated FGI’s deal processes for credit, internal communications and document sharing. underwriting, closing, and follow-ups. We integrated SuperTRUMP with FGI’s solution to allow users to model and price complex equipment leases and loans directly within their sales workflow.

  • Saasinct developed a users’ guide to promote user adoption and streamline the onboarding of new team members.

The Business Impact
  • After the first phase of the project was completed FGI experienced a boost in efficiency with automated email alerts for approval requests and a seamless sales process.

  • The team is now able to organize and store their data and client relationships in the same place.  Data quality has improved and the ease of entering new data continues to build user adoption. By working so closely with FGI, Saasinct was able to tailor both the architecture and the solution to fit FGI’s precise needs, simplifying their processes to improve productivity.  

  • The integration with SuperTRUMP allows the FGI team to quickly build personalized quotes that attach to the related opportunity, which can be reviewed by the necessary teams.


For more information about how Saasinct can help your firm experience similar benefits, click here to contact us.

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