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Empowering Traders with
Sales Cloud, Quip, & Maps

Industry        Asset Manager

Location       New York, NY

Firm Size      77 Employees

Products      Sales Cloud, Quip, Inbox, Salesforce Maps

Integration   Preqin

Services      Implementation, Integration

Kimmeridge is a private equity firm that focuses on the energy sector, particularly on direct investments in upstream oil and gas assets and companies. Their approach combines private equity, direct asset ownership, and operational expertise to create value in the energy market. Kimmeridge is known for its hands-on investment strategy, where they actively manage and operate assets to optimize production, improve efficiencies, and implement environmentally responsible practices. Kimmeridge directs investment activity from its New York office and maintains an in-house operations team in Denver.

Company Profile: Kimmeridge
Kimmeridge's Challenge

Kimmeridge faced a critical challenge within its investment relations team. The existing workflows and processes had become outdated and cumbersome, impacting the team's efficiency and responsiveness. The lack of user adoption, customization, and integration between various platforms within the Dynamo CRM, including Preqin, was hindering seamless collaboration and data sharing. Recognizing the need for a digital transformation, Kimmeridge needed an experienced Salesforce partner to modernize their operations and enhance the overall investment relations process.

Saasinct's Solution
  • We began the project by conducting a thorough analysis of their existing workflows and processes. Our team then designed a tailored solution leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud as their central hub, integrating it seamlessly with Preqin, Salesforce Maps, and Quip. By reimagining and optimizing Kimmeridge’s entire investment relations process, Saasinct was able to architect a solution that enhanced their unique workflows.

  • Saasinct began the implementation by configuring Salesforce Sales Cloud to align with Kimmeridge's business needs, ensuring that it served as their singular platform for managing client relationships, funds, investments, and communication. Preqin integration provided real-time access to critical investment data, enhancing the team's ability to make informed decisions. Salesforce Maps improved route optimization for on-site meetings, while Quip facilitated collaborative document creation and editing, streamlining communication across the investment relations team.
  • Saasinct's team worked closely with Kimmeridge throughout the first phase of the project, providing comprehensive training to ensure a smooth transition for all team members and to support long term platform adoption.


The Business Impact
  • The impact of the transformation was swift and profound. Kimmeridge’s investment relations team experienced a significant increase in efficiency as data was moved into a singular repository. With information now flowing seamlessly from Salesforce across integrated platforms and real-time access to Preqin data within their workflow, the Kimmeridge team has access to actionable insights and is able to make data-driven decisions faster and more accurately than ever before.

  • Salesforce Maps brought further efficiency to on-site meetings, reducing travel time and increasing opportunities for face-to-face interactions with clients. Additionally, travel and entertainment budgets are optimized because Partners can more easily coordinate schedules, increasing the number of customer visits possible during a single trip. Quip’s collaborative capabilities enhanced communication and document management too, creating a more cohesive and agile team environment.

  • The end-to-end modernization of Kimmeridge’s Investment Relations process resulted in improved client satisfaction and increased investment during funding cycles as well. The streamlined workflows not only saved time but also allowed the team to focus on building and nurturing client relationships, contributing to the company’s overall growth.

  • Our partnership with Kimmeridge exemplifies the transformative power of leveraging Salesforce solutions. By integrating Sales Cloud, Maps, Quip, Inbox, and Preqin, we met the immediate challenges and paved the way for a more agile, efficient, and client-centric investment relations team at Kimmeridge.


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