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Transforming Data Management for Impact

Industry       Nonprofit

Location      San Diego, CA

Size             39 Employees

Products      Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP), Demand Tools

Integration   Classy, OneCause, iWave, MailChimp

Services      Managed Services

Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego (RMHCSD) provides a “home-away-from-home” for families with children being treated for serious, often life-threatening conditions at local hospitals. The only service of its kind that is open to families caring for children at any San Diego area hospital, RMHCSD provides a welcoming and convenient home base where families may take care of their basic needs so they can better focus on what really matters: caring for their critically ill or injured child.

You can learn more about RMHCSD here.

Organization Profile:
Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego
RMHCSD's Challenge

  • RMHCSD’s investment in Salesforce NPSP was significantly impacted by data integrity problems including missing, invalid, and empty households, as well as contacts’ primary affiliation being overwritten.

  • With more than 50,000 duplicate records in their database caused by a OneCause integration issue, RMHCSD needed help remediating duplicate contacts and associating them with correct households. They lacked the core tools needed for essential ongoing data maintenance activities.

  • When donors give money above a certain threshold, RMHCSD then enters these donors into iWave to track fundraising intelligence. The process of entering these donors into iWave was manual, sometimes resulting in lost information and fundraising opportunities.

Saasinct's Solution
  • Saasinct determined the best approach to clean up existing data, create households, reduce technical debt, and to ensure future data quality and platform supportability.

  • Established internal standards & identified data quality issues that had caused more than 50,000 duplicate records. Provided expertise and tools that allowed RMH to perform systematic mass updates and manage their data. Reconfigured and upgraded iWave and other workflows to support data quality & accuracy.

  • Delivered two Data Quality dashboards (“Wall of Zeroes”) with in-line instructions to help identify and resolve data integrity issues; recommended 3rd-party tools to assist with deduplication efforts.

  • Normalized database & removed unnecessary custom fields, ensuring consistency with Salesforce NPSP.

  • Performed troubleshooting & configuration of Volunteers for Salesforce.

  • Provided onsite user training on affiliations, creating households, basic reporting, & change management to ensure data quality and support user adoption.

The Business Impact
  • As a result of the data overhaul that Saasinct completed and a sophisticated Data Quality Dashboard in place, RMHCSD has seen dramatic improvements in data quality that will help them maximize the value of both donors and fundraising campaigns.

  • The work Saasinct did to reduce technical debt, fix integration problems, implement workflows, and to clean and normalize the data has made the system much more supportable by RMHCSD’s internal Salesforce team. 

  • With iWave fully integrated with Salesforce, when major gifts are received the donors are properly tracked and reflected in both analytics and strategic fundraising initiatives.

  • Saasinct’s onsite training emphasized key areas of RMHCSD’s system and made sure users are all speaking a common language.

  • Saasinct helped the philanthropy team take ownership of their contribution to overall data quality maintenance. As a result, the team has begun to shift towards focusing on data integrity and eliminating systemic causes of data issues. 

For information about how Saasinct can help your firm experience similar benefits, contact us here.

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